Babylonian Money Magic Slave System or Ubuntu?

Babylonian Money Magic Slave System or Ubuntu?

Babylonian Money Magic Slave System or Ubuntu?

Imagine a world without money. At the moment the world is in the control of a handful of beings. They have created the Babylonian money magic slave system. This system has the power to control and enslave us all completely.

We have to work to obtain money, if we don’t we have no food, energy, clothes, shelter, etc. We could live off the state but this is frowned upon. Society expects us to work and compete. We are all driven to work harder and earn more money. This takes up most of our time.

We do not have time to think, to dream, to follow our creative urges. Everything that we want to do, every idea we have, usually costs money, every hobby costs money.

Some people feel totally constricted by this system and lose all hope. They turn to drugs and alcohol to find some sort of relief. They end up living on the streets with nothing. People and families can spend their entire lives in a state of poverty with no way out.

This creates a greedy, selfish society. People will do anything to get on and up the ladder and earn more money. People become ruthless and uncaring.

This is what the powers that shouldn’t be want for us all. They are nurturing the selfish, greedy sides of our natures, rather than the kind loving side of our natures.

We cannot do anything at the moment without money. We need to eat and we need medical care, we need roofs over our heads. It shouldn’t be this way.

We can live without money. Imagine a world without money. This is the world I would like for us all, a world that I would like to live in. We should not have to work long hours every day.

We should not have to worry about food, clothes, energy, medical care. When we have an idea or an interest we should be able to pursue it. When we want to travel and explore we should be able to do it.

We should be able to follow our dreams every day of our lives. Everyone should be able to do what really makes them happy. To create this kind of world our society would need to be based on a community spirit.

A community that looks after each other, everyone contributing to help everyone else, there is already a system out there and it is called Ubuntu contributionism.

It is based on everyone contributing their specialised skills for the good of the community, just a few hours a week working for the community and the rest of the time pursuing their own personal interests.

For this community work we get free food, free shelter, free clothes, free energy, free everything that we could possibly ever need. We don’t have to pay for things. Everyone will have enough of whatever they want.

No one needs to steal, kill, lie or cheat. They just need to do a few hours community work per week. This system has got to be better than what we have at present, working ourselves to death, worrying constantly about work and money. Spending our entire lives and all of our energy just trying to survive and get through each day.

Imagine the world wide misery of the money slave system, the stress and sadness worldwide. People having to be something they are not, just to survive. People having to do things that they don’t want to do to survive, sometimes horrible humiliating things, selling their very souls to earn money.

Imagine a world without money. Imagine the joy, the happiness. Imagine waking up every day to pursue your dreams and creativity. Imagine helping your community and getting free food, free clothes, free shelter, free energy, free everything in return. Doing things that you enjoy, doing things that you are good at.

Imagine how this would make you feel. Imagine children growing up in this society, with happy parents who have plenty of time to spend with them, parents who are not stressed and miserable.

Imagine the love and joy spreading around the world. Imagine all the hidden talents in each one of us, coming to the surface and being made use of. Imagine how good we would all feel about ourselves.

We would no longer need drugs or alcohol, we would be happy just being alive each day, breathing the air, gazing at the sun, the stars, we wouldn’t all be running around like headless chickens, which is what is happening now.

Stop for a moment, look around you, look at people’s faces, look into their souls, see the sadness there. Then look in the mirror and what do you see?

Is this the world you want for your children and grandchildren? A world based on the Babylonian money magic slave system, or do you see a world without money, a world full of joy and happiness, a world full of love and peace. I know what sort of  world I want to live in, do you?

Article by Julie Alexander – I realised what was going on in the world  in 2013 – since then I have been  trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way – I am still learning more each day

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  • Rob Sperry
    Posted at 18:13h, 09 November Reply

    I was born awake, since my earliest memories I new things were not supposed to be the way they are. I would pick apart everything and see it different than society proclaimed it was.Very few people would even listen to what I said and most would change the subject. I learned to plant what I call seeds in peoples minds without them knowing and later some would bring up these subjects themselves thinking different than they used to and not knowing why. Very seldom did my seeds hit fertile ground. I began learning who to plant from experience.I have worked alone all my life knowing they’re were others like me but very few and far between.One day this year I was wondering why if the government (supposedly} worked for us and they controlled the banks why were they raping us with interest and unfair procedures. I asked the internet “who owns the banks” and after three tries without a real answer I got to ” the complete history of the house of rothschild” and everything came together. All the pieces of puzzle made a complete picture.My comment to everyone is that “the children of the sun are here now and waking” I have seen the other side of the picture evolving and believe there are those of us that help what was written come to pass.

    • alternativemedia
      Posted at 16:28h, 18 November Reply

      Wow, thats amazing, I only woke up in 2013.

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